How to Apply

Application Information and Instructions

 Please review the K-12 Eligibility and Application Instructions (PDF) for participation in NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes as an NEH Summer Scholar.

NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes allow K-12 teachers an opportunity to enrich and revitalize their teaching through the study of humanities topics that bear upon K-12 education. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, but the programs are not intended to duplicate graduate-level courses. Each institute allows 25 to 36 participants (NEH Summer Scholars) to pursue an intensive program of study under a team of scholarly experts, who present a range of perspectives on a humanities topic. Participants and scholars mutually explore connections between scholarship and teaching of the topic. In any given year, an individual may apply to two Seminars or Institutes but may attend only one. Note that applicants should be educators who are in regular, direct contact with K-12 students.

Selection Criteria

A selection committee is comprised of the project directors and two or more colleagues, at least one of whom is a K-12 teacher. They evaluate all complete applications to select a group of NEH Summer Scholars and identify alternates. Application essays should explain how the specific program will benefit the participant professionally. They should, therefore, address the following:

  1. your intellectual interests as they relate to the topic of literary adaptation;
  2. ways that you currently use or address adaptations in your classes (or hope to);
  3. your special perspectives, skills, or experiences that would contribute to the program; and
  4. evidence that participation will have a long-term impact on your teaching (include a description of your school context and the student demographics you serve).

Additionally, you may discuss how you might collaborate with colleagues at your home institution or in your school district to increase the reach and impact of this NEH Institute for School Teachers. “Remaking Monsters and Heroines: Adapting Classic Literature for Contemporary Audiences” is interested in promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary connections. Applicants from the same school may discuss how their participation may lead to innovative, collaborative projects at their home institutions.

Five institute spaces may be reserved for teachers who are new to the profession (those who have been teaching for five years or less). First consideration is given to those who have not previously attended an NEH Seminar or Institute. When choices must be made between equally qualified candidates, preference is given to those who would enhance the diversity of the program.

Stipend, Tenure and Conditions of Award

Participants in the “Remaking Monsters and Heroines” will receive a $2,100 stipend for attending the two-week Institute (June 14-27, 2020). The stipend is intended to help cover travel, housing, meals, and basic academic expenses. Stipends are taxable.

Participants selected for the “Remaking Monsters and Heroines” Summer Institute, and who elect to stay on campus, will have the cost of their on-campus room and meals withdrawn from their stipend prior to the start of the Institute. This will be done to facilitate billing and ensure that accommodations are reserved. Pre-paying for on-campus housing and meals is also the most cost-effective way to cover room and board at the Institute. Out-of-town participants are strongly encouraged to opt for the living and meal arrangements at the special discounted rate reserved for this NEH Institute at the University of Arkansas.

Institute participants must attend all meetings and engage fully as professionals in the work of the project. The expectation is that all participants will attend all-day activities, including some evenings. During the Institute, participants may not undertake teaching assignments or professional activities unrelated to their participation in the Institute. Those who, for any reason, do not complete the full tenure of the Institute will receive a reduced stipend. At the end of the Institute’s residential period, NEH Summer Scholars are expected to submit online evaluations of the program.

Application Instructions

Prior to applying to a specific seminar or institute, please study the project website and carefully consider the project’s requirements. A complete application consists of the following three items:

1. Application Essay

The application essay should be no more than two (2) single-spaced pages. It should address your interest in the subject to be studied; qualifications and experiences that equip you to do the work of the seminar or institute and to make a contribution to the learning community; a statement of what you want to accomplish by participating; and, if appropriate, description of an independent project and its relation to the topic of the program and your professional responsibilities.

2. Résumé and References

Please include a résumé or curriculum vitae (not to exceed five pages). Include the name, title, phone number and email addresses of two professional references including the individual who wrote your letter of recommendation.

3. Letter of Recommendation

The “Remaking Monsters and Heroines” Institute requires that applicants submit one professional letter of recommendation with their application. In-service teachers should include a letter from their department chair or school principal. Home-school teachers may request a letter from a previous professor or other professional contact. Letters of recommendation should address collegiality, professionalism, intellectual curiosity, personal responsibility, and the applicant’s availability/lack of work schedule conflict.

Submission of Applications and Notification Procedure

Applications must be submitted to the project director, not the NEH, and must be received by the online form no later than March 1, 2020. Applications sent to the NEH will not be reviewed. Applications must be submitted online using the Submittable application button at the bottom of this page. We strongly recommend that applicants submit several days prior to the deadline in order to avoid technical difficulties.

All requested materials (application essay, résumé, and letter of recommendation) must be submitted as separate PDF or MS Word documents. In the event of technical difficulties, applicants may submit all of their materials via email to by the submission deadline. You may be asked to complete the online form at a later time, but all materials must be submitted electronically by the due date.

Successful applicants will be notified of their selection on Friday, March 27, 2020, via email. Applicants may also receive a phone call within days of the acceptance. The deadline to accept or decline the offer is Friday, April 3, 2020.

Note: Once you have accepted an offer to attend any NEH Summer Program (NEH Summer Seminar or Institute), you may not accept an additional offer or withdraw in order to accept a different offer.

Equal Opportunity Statement: Endowment programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age. For further information, write to the Equal Opportunity Officer, National Endowment for the Humanities, 400 Seventh St. SW, Washington, DC 20024. TDD 202/606‑8282